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Search assignment

Let us find you a suitable property and provide us with a search assignment

You are looking for a agent who finds you the most appropriate property that you are looking for?

Your search starts with a subscription by using the free online registration possibility via our register tab on our website. After this registration we wil see if your search assignment is possible.. We will then extend your housing inventory and actively start to find you a perfectly fitting house to rent. Through our close cooperation with other rental agencies in we have a large list of available rentals in The Hague and for that reason we can offer more properties than on www.expata.nl have been published. Some, of course, is entirely dependent on the content of your search. After a number of potentially suitable properties are selected we will schedule an efficient tour for you. After viewing and showed interest in a specific home Expata Real Estate will then help you out in the following process. The entire process, from negotiation to price or other ( contract ) negotiations, to draw up a tenancy agreement and an expanded inspection/checking of the property. We do everything we can to ensure that you will enjoy working and live in the property of your choice and that everything is legally correct!

Costs of search:

Registration on www.expata.nl is free of charge

By giving us the assignment to search and find a suitable property for you, you will be charged a fee same amount as the rent excl. 21% tax.